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Ballroom Dance Champion & Award Winning Instructor


My passion for dance started in my mother's womb. Having had parents that were champion ballroom dancers, I entered the world with a bounce in my step and a twinkle in my eye. Performance came naturally to me, which aided my ability to excel. At an early age, I became an Israeli 10 Dance Champion. From there, I traveled around the world competing and receiving international recognition for my showmanship and ability to shine on the dance floor. 
In 2003, I switched gears to focus on the Professional Amateur world of dance. While working at Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray, I discovered my love for spreading the joy of dance through teaching ballroom. Over the years, my students and I competed throughout the United States, receiving numerous awards. 
I chose to start Poetic Motion in order to spread my passion for dance, inspiring all levels of dancers to accomplish their goals.


Spreading the Love of Dance


I teach a wide range of dances including: Latin, Rhythm, Smooth, Standard, and Specialty. Whether looking to touch up on your social dancing or train to compete, I uniquely cater my instruction to aid in meeting your dance goals.
All ages and experience levels are welcome!

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Experience Poetic Motion

I specialize in Beginner Fundamentals, and know how to reach my students with the right balance of personalized attention, patience, practical training, and positive encouragement. I make learning fun through providing plenty of time to dance to carefully selected music. Get in touch today to schedule a lesson at your convenience.

Snowball 2022
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Portland Open Dance Competition 2022
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The Poetic Motion Team
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Israeli Dance Championship
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Stas & Anat- Israeli 10 Dance Champions
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1st Place- Israeli Dance Championship
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Stas & Anat at Israeli Dance Championship
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Stas & Anna Win Israeli Championship
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Quebec, Canada Montreal Competition
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Stas & Anat with Tatiana & Anatoly Trilisky
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Stas' Dance Team
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Stas' Dance Formation Team
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Dancing with the Stars- Oregon
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Stas Showing his Moves
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Latin Dance Diploma
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Israeli 10 Dance Championship Diploma
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Latin Dance Championship
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Ballroom Standard Dance Diploma
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"I have been dancing with Stas since 2008. He is an amazing teacher, and one of the most kind and loving human beings. We have participated in several show cases and dance competitions together. His focus has always been to support and help me achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend Stas as a top level dance instructor. "

Soodabeh Mokry


"Stas is a wonderful instructor! He makes learning to dance fun.! My husband and I like watching as Stas brings smiles to the faces of those he dances or demonstrates with. He is such a good dancer that whether the partner is just beginning or advanced he makes them look really good. Stas pays attention to the couple's around him and knows when to gently guide those who are confused or are struggling with a step. We go through several dances learning the similarities of steps from dance to dance and practice enough to start having muscle memory. He always does a review of what we have learned at the end of each session. Stas is so positive and encouraging. He is very patient and kind and truly cares about the students he is teaching. Stas says he is passionate about teaching dance because he watches as the process transforms relationships, inspires confidence and brings joy to hearts."

Diane Stewart


"My husband and I started taking lessons from Stas in early May and he's got us absolutely addicted. We even bought shoes! Stas has a great and inviting teaching style that appeals to both men and women. We are continuing to learn new steps each class and improve the ones we already have. We look forward to years of lesson with Stas."

Jamie M. Sparks


"Stas is a passionate and very kind instructor. He is able to work with students of all levels and strives to create an accepting and positive space to learn and have fun! If you are curious about trying a variety of styles or are more of an experienced dancer and are hoping to grow your art, Poetic Motion is the place to be."

Lisa Dempster



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