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Dancing on Koin 6 TV


The greatest honor, as a dance instructor, is to received referrals from my students! Thanks to my lovely student, Roxanne, I had the pleasure of working with Travis Teich from Koin 6. She originally sent him my way, saying that it would be great to create a segment on their morning show "Move it Monday". In turn, he excitedly called me up and asked me if I would be willing to do a segment about the positive impact of dancing. I, of course, said YES! I would never turn down such an opportunity!

On the day we filmed, Travis and Emily (his co-host) as well as their brilliant camera man came in to my dance space with a sense of elation. I too felt the positive upbeat vibe. It reminded me of being on television in Israel, while being an Israeli dance champion. I could not wait to share about my passion for dance!

As the lights and camera turned on, I came alive. Susie, my wife, joined me and matched my energy in an incredible way. Then, we danced. We taught Travis and Emily some basic steps. They did an incredible job! In-between teaching, Susie and I took a few turns around the dance floor. Susie really blew me away! With how nervous she was to be in front of a camera, she did not let it show. I loved performing together and watching all of us thrive in front of the camera. What a lovely day!

Overall, it was such a fantastic experience! I only hope that there may be many more surprising experiences in the future!

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