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Making a Splash at the Portland Open


After such an incredible experience at the Snowball in January, my team and I decided to set our sights on the local competition in Portland. This was a big deal because it was the first time the competition was held since 2019. Also, having never competed at a local dance competition, we saw it as a special opportunity to make a splash in the Portland ballroom dance community. And boy was it an experience!

My students and I spent months training and working towards their dance goals. As the competition neared, we were all feeling excited to get out and compete. We knew it would be our time to shine as the Poetic Motion team, which we most certainly did!

Roxanne and Kirsten lead the way with their incredible amounts of entries and well deserved placements in each dance heat. They were among the Top 20 Students and Kirsten won a Top Student Award! Additionally, Carleen joined us for her first Poetic Motion competition and danced brilliantly, placing first time and time again. Then, Ken and Chris made their splash as our amiteur newcomer couple and received all first placements! To top off this amazing experience, Susie competed and received several first placements in her dances. I could not have been more proud of these wonderful students! I was honored to be given a Top Teacher Award, due to the outstanding performance of my brilliant team!

Looking back to November 2018, when I started Poetic Motion, I had no idea what it would evolve into. It was quite the risk to take, but it was well worth it! Thanks to these beautiful people, and overwhelming support, the dream of seeing my own dance business thrive is coming true. I cannot wait to see what will happen next!

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