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Winning big at the 2022 Snow Ball


When I first started Poetic Motion, in November of 2018, I never dreamed that it would soar to the heights it has reached! After about 3 years, my studio won the 1st Place Top Small Studio award at the 2022 Snow Ball Dance Competition, my first in-person competition under my own business. This was a noteworthy achievement for someone who was told by others that I would not amount to anything, when going at it on my own... Oh how wrong they were!

However, I cannot take all of the credit. These lovely three ladies, in the picture to the left, have had a lot to do with the success of Poetic Motion! My stunning wife Susie (bombshell in the red dress) has been like my right arm, keeping my admin side in check, editing videos, updating my website, managing social media, and creating my appointment system. Roxanne (in the beautiful blue dress), has plugged and promoted my business, in addition to continually training to be at her very best. Kirsten (in the soft pink dress), has been consistently supporting my business since the very beginning, believing in me, and encouraging me to take things to the next level. They have helped make Poetic Motion exceptional! Without this trio, I may not have seen this amount of success in just a few short years!

Also, I want to give a shout out to some of my other amazing students who have been continuously supporting Poetic Motion! Ken and Chris as well as Michelle, thank you for sticking with Poetic Motion, even throughout all of the restrictions and changes! All three of you are to thank for never missing a single lesson, since I first started Poetic Motion. I greatly appreciate all of you!

For someone who lives, eats, and breathes dance, seeing my students excell and accomplish so much has been the greatest achievement of my entire dance career! They are the reason why I am what I am today. I am very proud of each of them! We are a dance family and each of us love to see one another succeed. To me, this is what dancing is all about. Without the love and support from a strong team of people, encouraging me to be at my best, I would just be another dance instructor. Thanks to the incredible students, friends, and family surrounding me, I am proving to be much more than just a dance instructor with a small dance studio. Together, we have created Poetic Motion, THE TOP SMALL DANCE STUDIO! We all can proudly carry that title, as it belongs to each of as us.

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