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Taking Seattle by Storm


It has been a bit of time since the last update from Poetic Motion, so I wanted to catch you up on the lastest greatest from Poetic Motion...

In October, the Poetic Motion team went to the Seattle Summit and danced brilliantly! All of these lovely ladies performed well and made me very proud! This was Michelle's first ballroom competition representing Poetic Motion, which she totally rocked! Roxanne and Kirsten achieved awards for being in the Top 20 Students. Kirsten was awarded for being the Top Bronze Student as well as the amateur 9-Dance and 10-Dance Champion! Last but not least, Susie danced beautifully and also received some top placements. It was a such a pleasure to have her cheering us on and helping with the details behind the scenes!

Together, as a team, we earned the award as the fourth place top studio! I also was given the fourth place top instructor award! These were highly prized achievements for an intense competition with many large competing studios. And I have Roxanne, Kirsten, Michelle, and Susie to thank! I could not have been more proud of them! Each one of them gave it their all!

Looking back over the course of the last 4 years, I feel so incredibly blessed! The Seattle Summit competition was Poetic Motion's fourth competition! Usually it takes several years to build a strong student base, strong enough to go to a competition. But, these ladies worked hard, trained, and pushed themselves to be at their best. They chose to go out and represent Poetic Motion. They proudly walked onto the dance floor by my side. All of these things I take to heart and the memories created during these competitions, I will always cherish. Competiting with students, under my own business, was seemingly a huge dream, but these ladies made it happen!

In conclusion, who knows what the future holds, but I am looking to the stars! Afterall, each and every one of Poetic Motion's students is a star in my eyes. The sky is the limit.


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