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The Impact of Dance


What I love most about dancing is how it impacts people. It literally changes lives. The more someone dedicates themselves to learning, the more benefits they receive. We, as instructors and coaches, simply help facilitate opportunities to grow, both as people and as dancers.

Poetic Motion is not just a dance studio. It is a place filled with the passion for sharing dance with each and every student that walks through the door. It is my heart-work. As such, I ensure that all of the students are treated with value and appreciation. And the atmosphere this interaction creates is positive and uplifting.

Since starting the dance studio, I have seen miracles happen. My wife went from barely walking, after a bike accident, to excelling at dancing. I’ve had students that have gone through surgeries and have progressed so quickly with their dancing! Now they are able to compete in professional amateur competitions! I am overjoyed that each of these wonderful people are doing incredibly well! I am so honored that I have had the pleasure of being a small part of their progress!

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"Heart-work"... absolutely! I so love experiencing Stas and Susie's instruction in groups and independently. Love to see you at Stas and Susie's group classes at Mt. Park Rec Center. Much gratitude from Jeanine 🦋

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